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Serpentine Sneeze Guard


Serpentine Sneeze guard

  • Attractive-Enhances food presentation
  • Durable- Retains its usefulness and attractiveness
  • Efficient- Easy transportation, storage and maintenance
  • Designed to fit 5′and 6′serpentine tables


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Sneezeguard Solutions ® Serpentine sneeze guards are designed to fit 5′ and 6′ serpentine tables routinely used by the most upscale establishments for their banquet buffets.

For each size table there are both a small radius and a large radius Serpentine Sneeze guard model. If the food is to be accessible by the patron from both sides of the table, then both radius' are necessary.

The Carousel and Serpentine Wall Storage Rack is available for storage and protection of one Carousel, two Half-Rounds or two Serpentine sections.

Add the unique and eye pleasing sweeping designs of the Serpentine Sneeze guard to enhance your food presentation.

The Serpentine System is easy to store away when not in use to prevent damage to your investment.

*Sneeze guards are required for food on display to be protected from contamination*

Back to back Serpentine Sneeze guards

Serpentine Guard Spec
Black Description Table Dimension A Weight
7501 5′ Small Radius 84″ 14 lbs
7601 5′ Large Radius 84″ 15 lbs
7701 6′ Small Radius 102″ 15 lbs
7801 6′ Large Radius 102″ 17 lbs

When ordering Rich Gold change the last digit to 2 for color selection.
Add HP after model number to indicate that Hi-Profile stands are desired for 18″ wrist clearance.


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