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Hi-Profile Sneeze Guard


Hi Profile text

  • Attractive- Enhances food presentation.
  • Durable- retains its usefulness and attractive appearance.
  • Efficient- Provides for easy transport and storage.
  • Labor Saving- Transport and set up as many as 18 guards with the use of Storecarts.


More Details

 The Sneezeguard Solutions® Hi-Profile Folding Portable sneeze guard should be used when there is a consistent use of elevated food offerings. The efficiency and labor saving features of our Hi-Profile Sneeze guards are maximized when they are used with the Storecart for multiple use transport & storage or the Storecase for individual handling.

We offer a special Expander Kit for our Storecart to handle the taller sneeze guards.

Sneezeguard Solutions' s® Hi-Profile Folding Portable Sneeze guards are designed for use over elevated food offerings when a chafer or ice boat is used.

The wrist clearance from the bottom of the Hi-Profile sneeze guard food shield to the top of the counter top surface is 18 inches.

*Sneeze guards are required for food on display to be protected from contamination*


Hi-Profile Guard Spec 
  • Exclusive extruded 1″Groove Tube.
  • Mounted in rubber gasketing.
  • 1.25″ aluminum stands.
  • Scratch resistant acrylic food shield.
  • Powder coated finish.

Black Gold Nominal Length Overall Length Between Stands Weight
0801 HP 0802 HP 2 foot* 25.5″ 20.5″ 8 lbs
0901 HP 0902 HP 3 foot* 34.75″ 29.75″ 9 lbs
1001 HP 1002 HP 4 foot 46.75″ 41.75″ 10 lbs
1101 HP 1102 HP 5 foot 58.75″ 53.75″ 13 lbs
1201 HP 1202 HP 6 foot 70.75″ 65.75″ 14 lbs
1281 HP 1282 HP 8 foot 94.75″ 89.75″ 18 lbs

*One leg does not lock in a closed position due to the guards short length.
Silver available upon request   Call for quote on substituting tempered glass for acrylic food shield.



Product Renderings

As Easy As 1…2…3

double sided HP sneeze guard
single HP sneeze guardHP sneeze guard isometric view
  • # 0801 HP Folding Portable Sneeze guard - 2ft
  • # 0901 HP Folding Portable Sneeze guard - 3ft
  • # 1001 HP Folding Portable Sneeze guard - 4ft
  • # 1101 HP Folding Portable Sneeze guard - 5ft
  • # 1201 HP Folding Portable Sneeze guard - 6ft
  • # 1281 HP Folding Portable Sneeze guard - 8ft


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